Cannabis Software Created for Human Capital Management (HCM)

Although most cannabis software focuses on managing products from seed-to-sale, the component being missed is managing employees around those processes from pre-hire to retire.

Cannabis employers can have complex requirements for Time and Labor, Payroll, and Human Resources like traditional employers, but it goes well beyond that as well. The regulatory environment in the cannabis industry pushes the burden of compliance to even further lengths. As such, the penalties for non-compliance can be devastating.

For companies operating in the space, the Evolve HCM cannabis software suite can not only address both sides of the equation but can continue to grow and adapt alongside your company as needs for a more sophisticated and comprehensive HCM platform intensify.

This is why Evolve HCM, by definition, is the best choice for cannabis employers and multi-state operators. To see how Evolve HCM is helping countless cannabis businesses in Colorado and across the country streamline HR and employee / workforce management, contact us today.


Cannabis Business Software Device Dashboards
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Cannabis Human Capital Management Software Icon

Human Capital Management

Cannabis Recruitment Software Icon


For sourcing and hiring the best candidates, no matter the role.

Cannabis Onboarding Software Icon


For compliance, efficiency, engagement, and productivity.

Cannabis Human Resources Icon

Human Resources

HR self-service, asset management, and licenses and certifications management.

Cannabis Payroll Software and Services Icon


Addresses all tax jurisdictions, pay rules, 280e compliance, and general ledger integration.

Cannabis Employee Benefits Software Icon

Benefits Management

New hire enrollments, ongoing changes, carrier feeds, and ACA management.

Cannabis Time & Labor Software Icon

Time & Labor

Timecard management, approvals, labor cost tracking, scheduling, and more.

Cannabis Employee Scheduling Software Icon


For creating optimized schedules for performance, while empowering employees.

Cannabis Talent Management Software Icon

Talent Management

For nurturing and developing employees, and a more engaged and productive workforce.

Cannabis employee performance management software Icon

Performance Management

For assessment, coaching, recognition, and building a top-tier workforce.

Cannabis Compensation Management Icon

Compensation Management

For managing costs while ensuring competitive wages for your workers.

Cannabis Succession Planning Icon

Succession Planning

Build talent pools, engage and retain employees, and be prepared for the future.

Cannabis Analytics Software Icon


Dashboards, ad hoc reporting, and report distributions to watch your business grow.

Mobile Cannabis Software Icon

All Access

Mobile and multilingual users, so anyone can access the software anytime, anywhere.

Cannabis HR Process Automation Icon

HR Process Automation

For simple and streamlined compliance, efficiency, and cost savings.

Cannabis Compliance Software Icon

Cannabis Compliance

Avoid cannabis non-compliance and the hefty penalties that come with it

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