How Does Our Implementation Team Work?

At Evolve HCM, our implementation team members are subject matter experts who understand the HR Practitioner’s, Manager’s, and the Employee’s point of view when they begin using your new Evolve solution.

This means that our approach contemplates the end result for a solution that will be highly adopted by its users because it effectively addresses their needs and adds clear value.

We implement with “roles” in mind, allowing each user to have a tailored experience that helps them perform their respective responsibilities in an efficient and intuitive manner.

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Key Elements Of Our Approach To Implementing Cannabis Payroll


We bring 14 years of experience implementing Mid-Size (100 to 500 ee’s) and Large employers. Knowledge gained over time is incorporated into our approach to your project. This, combined with a “best practice” approach for the other key elements of the implementation ensures a high-value solution for your company.

Work Process Mapping

The ability to properly automate administrative practices for your company is a central component of how Evolve will add value for its users, ensure both legal and policy compliance, and drive administrative cost out of the business.

Mobile Optimization

Your entire Evolve suite is mobile-enabled. The challenge is to be sure we consider mobile users when we configure the application. This means considering using the system on mobile phones as the best practice to ensure mobile users will have a positive user experience.

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