Simple HR for Easy Cannabis HR Management

Evolve HCM's Cannabis HR is core to our HCM cannabis software suite. With HR, employers can effortlessly integrate our other solutions such as:

  • Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding
  • Employee Benefits
  • Payroll & Compensation
  • Performance Management
  • And Much More

With an HR solution built for the cannabis industry, employers can store and track employee information in one paperless system, making all of those painless processes simpler, easier, and faster. Employers will be able to focus on more important aspects of their cannabis business and keep a competitive edge in the space.

To see how Evolve HCM is helping countless cannabis businesses in Colorado and across the country streamline HR and cannabis employee management, contact us today.

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Cannabis HR Solution Benefits Include...

Cannabis HR Self Service Tools icon

Employee & Manager Self Service Tools

Cannabis HR Recordkeeping and document storage icon

Recordkeeping & Document Storage

Cannabis Workforce Management icon

Asset & Workforce Management

Cannabis Licenses & Certifications management icon

Licenses & Certification Management

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Employee and Manager Self-Service for Your Cannabis Workforce

With cannabis HR from Evolve HCM, employers can:

  • View Direct/Indirect Reporting Employees
  • View Organizational Charts
  • Access Reporting Dashboards
  • Create Reports
  • Facilitate Approvals
  • Process New Hires (I-9 Verifications)
  • Initiate or Approve Promotions
  • Initiate or Approve Reclassifications
  • Initiate or Approve Transfers
  • Request or Approve Pay Changes
  • Request or Approve Pay Corrections
  • And Much More!

While cannabis HR supplies employers and managers with countless self-service tools, it also allows employees to:

  • View Pay Statements
  • Access W-2’s
  • Manage Employee Addresses
  • Request Time-off
  • Manage Direct Deposit Accounts
  • Enroll In & Manage Benefits 
  • And Much More!

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Cannabis HR Recordkeeping and Document Storage

Our cannabis HR solution will maintain a complete history of all transactions and changes, for all active and non-active status employees and contractors, while also maintaining all data (current and historical) which is also accessible via the Evolve analytics tools.

With cloud-based cannabis HR, employers can automatically facilitate the upload and storage of:

  • All Relevant Documents
  • Scanned Images
  • Policy Acknowledgments (with e-signatures)
  • Historical Versions Company Policies & Forms

Retain employee documents and images are retained within the employee record. Security is role-based ensuring that all retained records are protected from unauthorized access.


Asset and Workforce Management for the Cannabis Industry

Ensure simple and easy cannabis workforce management with HR from Evolve HCM with the ability to facilitate the allocation, tracking, and return of all company assets provided to employees. To learn more about what makes Evolve HCM a leader in cannabis workforce management, contact us today. 

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Licenses and Certification Management

Using cannabis HR from Evolve HCM, employers can ensure all critical licenses, certifications, badges, permits, and cards are safely stored and recorded via the Document Storage & Retention functionally.

With all license and certification information accessible from the employee record, employers can enable the tracking of expirations dates, as well as renewal reminders to ensure ongoing compliance. 

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