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Evolve HCM is designed to support cannabis businesses with human capital management (HCM) software built for the cannabis industry. With Evolve HCM, employers will gain access to essential software tools such as cannabis payroll, human resources, talent management, and more, all tailored to help cannabis businesses succeed. 

Of course, no HCM platform would be complete without the help of an experienced team of cannabis payroll and HR professionals to help you grow your company.  

Let Evolve HCM take your cannabis business into the future, with industry-leading cannabis HCM software

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Cannabis Business Software Device Dashboards

Simple Cannabis Compliance for Single and Multi-State Operators (MSO)


Grow Your Success With HR and Payroll For Cannabis Businesses

Let Evolve HCM help you manage and grow your cannabis
workforce while helping ensure cannabis compliance. To learn
more about how Evolve HCM is already helping countless cannabis
businesses succeed in a growing, competitive industry, contact us today.

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HCM for Cannabis Demo Video Library

When it comes to payroll for cannabis businesses and other HR functions, there is no better option than Evolve HCM. Take a look at our HCM software demo video recordings, and get a real-time look at how our software can help make payroll for the cannabis industry easier and faster. 

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Payroll for cannabis businesses demo video
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