Benefits administration can be a complex and time-consuming process, both during open enrollment and throughout the year. Benefits administration features within our HR solution enable you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plans, profiles, and types — quickly and easily — with on-demand visibility into eligibility, enrollment status, and costs across the employee base. It’s also simple to modify the solution’s standard benefits reports to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Customizable self-service tools.


Empower employees to select plans and make life event changes on their own — which helps increase engagement and reduce your administrative workload. Reduce errors during enrollment and ensure labor law compliance A rules-based system helps eliminate errors and confusion by allowing employees to select benefit plans that meet your specifications. Once a plan is selected, the rules control which other plans are hidden to prevent erroneous selection. If an employee chooses to waive a plan, they will be automatically prompted to select a waived reason from a pop-up box for desired plans. This helps to ensure organizational compliance of labor laws — such as the Affordable Care Act — and mitigates the risk of incurring penalties and fines.


Streamline benefits administration even further and eliminate manual benefits processing tasks by leveraging a fully integrated carrier connection. 

Here are a few highlights:


  • EMPOWER EMPLOYEES throughout the benefits enrollment process with self-service options
  • MINIMIZE COMPLIANCE RISK with an automated rules-based system
  • STREAMLINE BENEFITS PROCESSES for all benefits plans
  • GAIN DEEPER INSIGHT into employee benefits plans
  • EASILY GENERATE REPORTS for simplified benefits management
Benefits Dashboard
Benefits Dashboard

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